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A new avatar has been long overdue for my art tumblr sooooo heres a quickie doodle of dorky little ol’ me~  \(*°▽°*)/

Oh god, this scene hit me real hard, I didn’t realize how much I missed Lee ;o;

Oh my god, its almost 2 in the morning, what am i doing.
I regret nothing. I only wish I could do him more justice.

Oh yeah, reference used

I swear I’ve been drawing this summer ;~; i just haven’t really done anything post worthy yetttt.
But I did get some watercolors recently, and although I don’t really know how to use them that well, they are lots of fun~ Hope to use them more in the future and get better.

I reeally do miss my annual pass ;^;
Something fun, I’ve been trying to work on my coloring but I’m not quite sure I know what I’m doing…o3o;;


He’s so quiet all the time, sometimes I forget that he does think about me. AHHHHHHHH, FEEELS. ~~~<3

Color studies of the happiest place on earth~
These are actually pretty fun to do, them teacups took forever thoughhh.

Late night quickie doodle~

More portrait practice~ They’re becoming a little bit more identifiable! I’m not sure if I’m getting better or if just draw girls better xD tried stylizing it a bit more too.
Reference Used

More portrait practice~ Guys in general are a challenge for me >A< ;;
Figured I’d use celebs to make it more fun but some people couldnt identify who it was. Guess I need more practice!
Reference Used
Also not sure how to go about making people look scruffy